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Mojo Web Documentation

🎉  Welcome !

Mojo Web is the first Mobile Browser empowered by Emotions.

In this documentation, you will find useful information to use Mojo Web and take advantage of Emotional Browsing with your existing website

🤩   First thing first, demo.

Emotional Browsing Experience

Emotional Browsing Report

🛠   What is Mojo Web?

📲   Mojo Web is an iOS App to browse the web.

It's composed of :

  • a WebView
  • a traditional user interface to navigate the web
  • +   🤩   Mojo inside which includes:
    • 😁   Expressive Interface: interactive avatar
    • 🚥   Emotional Perception: real time facial expressions analysis
    • 📊   Browsing Report: metadata presented with graphs
    • 😲   Dynamic Emotional Browsing: react to mojo.json if any at the root of the domain

🚧   The © Mojo Technology is compatible with Android, however not yet on PlayStore. We will be happy to engage discussion if Android is a must have for your project.

❤️  How to put Emotional Browsing into my existing website?

Easy. One single file on your website configures Mojo Web to take profit of the Emotional Browsing.

You can choose to view the Quickstart - Hello World example for a quick introduction, or explore in depth Mojo Web detailed Documentation

🎭  How to design an Emotional Browsing experience?

That's a very exciting perspective to give new possibilities to your users, thanks to Emotional Technologies.

We help you make the most of this opportunity and guide you throughout this question.

We recommend a list of good practices based on our experience and deep knowledge of interactive technology design.

You will find relevant informations on:

  • Device-Driven Interaction design
  • Build Trust and Confidence - avoid intrusion and notifications
  • The Science behind Emotion perception

And of course, we can help. 💌   Reach out to us.